milk replacers to suit all production targets

A Recipe for the Perfect Start

The Country Calf Milk Replacers are manufactured to provide your calves with the perfect start.
Using the highest quality dairy ingredients our milk replacers deliver the highest nutrient density. Gut Guardian promotes a balanced gut environment and coupled with a comprehensive vitamin and mineral package Country Calf Milk Replacers ensure maximum growth rates, rumen development and optimum calf performance.

Our range of calf milk replacers have been developed to perform under Irish and UK market conditions and have been tested in all feeding systems to ensure optimal performance.

All our formulas are easy to mix, offering high digestibility to maximise feed intake, providing calves with the perfect start possible.

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Gut Guardian

  • Effective protection against pathogens in the gastro-intestinal area.

  • Reduces intestinal dysfunction suppressing harmful pathogens such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Shigella.

  • Promotes healthy microflora creating a balanced gut environment.

  • Aids in the production of lactic acid reducing pH levels.

  • Added to all our milk replacers.

Features & Benefits


  • Ideal for bucket mixing and computerised calf feeders.

  • Suitable for once or twice a day.

  • Dual purpose suitable for dairy and beef calves.


  • Ensures the perfect start for early growth rates.

  • Comprehensive vitamin and mineral package.

  • Contains an active probiotic in Gut Guardian.

Our range

We offer 4 different types of milk replacers to suit all production targets

Rosie Thrive


High quality all round milk replacer for cost effective calf rearing

  • Whey based.

  • High digestibility.

  • Suitable for all rearing systems.

  • Added vitamins & minerals.

Analytical Components
Crude Protein 23%
Crude Fat 18%
Crude Ash 7.5%
Crude Fibre 0.1%
Golder Heifer

Golder Heifer

High performance milk replacer suitable for rearing replacement heifers

  • Whey based

  • Enhanced production targets

  • High digestibility

  • Added yogurt

Analytical Components
Crude Protein 26%
Crude Fat 18%
Crude Ash 7.0%
Crude Fibre 0.1%


High performance all round milk replacer with added skim milk powder

  • Skim based.

  • Superb digestibility.

  • Enhanced coat shine.

  • Suitable for enhanced production targets.

Analytical Components
Crude Protein 22%
Crude Fat 18%
Crude Ash 7.0%
Crude Fibre 0.1%
Super Skim

Super Skim

Outstanding performance skim based milk replacer for achieving accelerated growth

  • Skim based

  • Superb digestibility

  • High nutritional value

  • Optimal growth and performance

Analytical Components
Crude Protein 23%
Crude Fat 18%
Crude Ash 6.9%
Crude Fibre 0.07%

Our Quality Guarantee

Quality Ingredients:

The fundamentals of Country Calf Milk Replacer are milk powder, oils, fats and minerals, analysed thoroughly to determine optimum composition and nutrient content. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to ensure maximum digestibility and calf vitality.

Excellent Mixability:

The quality of the manufacturing process ensure all Country Calf Milk Replacers have excellent mixability making them suitable for bucket, machine or computerised feeding systems.

New Technology:

State-of-the-art mixing and packaging installations guarantee our milk replacers are safe and hygienic. Our double sealed bags within separate, plastic liners allow for easy on-farm storage.

Quality Assurance:

Laboratory technicians test and evaluate all incoming ingredients. Testing continues throughout the manufacturing process which guarantee our milk replacers provide the best on-farm performance.

Recommended Mixing & Feeding Instructions:

The feeding recommendations are a guideline for a calf entering the unit at 40kg live weight and up to weaning at 6 weeks. Feed can be increased or decreased proportionately depending on the rearing system and growth rate required. Please note every feeding system is different with the feeding schedule acting as a guide only.

To ensure optimum milk replacer performance a minimum of 125g of powder is required within every litre of water.

Bucket Feeding:

  1. Add water to the bucket and heat to a temperature of 40°C–42°C.
  2. Weigh the powder and slowly add it the bucket of water.
  3. Mix thoroughly to a creamy, smooth consistency.
  4. Check the temperature of the mixed concentration and feed at body temperature 38°–40°C
  5. The finished mixed concentration should match the following ratio:
    A. 125g Powder + 875ml water = 1 litre finished concentration. 12.5% Solids.
    B. 150g Powder + 850ml water = 1 litre finished concentration. 15.0% Solids.
Age (day) Feeds (per day) Litres/Feed (L) Concentration (g) Daily Intake (g)
0-4 2 2 L Colostrum Colostrum
5-21 2 2 L 125 g/l 500 g
22-Weaning 2 2.5 L 150 g/l 625 g
Age (day) Feeds (per day) Litres/Feed (L) Concentration (g) Daily Intake (g)
0-4 2 2 L Colostrum Colostrum
5-21 2 2 L 125 g/l 500 g
22-Weaning 1 3 L 200 g/l 600 g

Computerised Feeding

Country Calf Milk Replacers are suitable for use in all automatic computerised calf feeders. For successful results with computerised feeding, calibrate your feeder using the manufacturers specifications at a concentration of 12.5% solids.

For further specialist advice on selecting suitable mixing and feeding regimes, and achieving your calf performance objectives please contact your sales representative.

Management Guidelines

  • Feed good quality colostrum to all calves to ensure your calves reach their full potential. All calves must receive a minimum of 3 litres of colostrum within the first 5 hours of life and 10% bodyweight per day for the following 4 days.
  • Ensure calves have ad libitum access to fresh water and short clean straw at all times.
  • Follow-on dry concentrated feed should be offered to calves from 3 days of age.
  • During colder periods at temperatures below 15°C feed an additional 100g of milk replacer per calf per day. This will ensure consistent energy and growth levels.
  • Ensure clean equipment is used when mixing milk powder to avoid unnecessary contamination.
  • Adhere to the best before date on the bag label.


  • Weaning can start when animals are a minimum of 65kg, or are 25kg above birthweight and consuming 1kg concentrates per calf per day.
  • Over a 1-2 week period slowly reduce the concentration of milk replacer in overall volume consumed.
  • Continue to feed concentrates of 1-2kg per day for at least a month.

Advantages of Milk Replacer

  • Cost benefit over saleable whole milk.

  • When formulated correctly there is less risk of digestive upsets and scours.

  • Easier to store and handle than liquid foods.

  • Easily fortified with additional vitamins and minerals.

  • Less risk of disease transfer from cow to calf.

  • Well suited to automated calf feeding systems.

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